CUMP Policies

Important Policies for Crestview United Methodist Preschool (CUMP) in Austin can be found in full in the  Parent Handbook 2016-2017
Topics of the Handbook include:


Stay ’n’ Play:
Our extended day program, Stay ‘n’ Play, runs from 1-2 on Mondays through Thursdays and the tuition is $50/month.  Once registered, you can use as many days each month as you choose (every day or just Tuesdays, for example).  However, we will need to know the days in advance so we do not exceed our class size.  Please be aware that we do not provide naps for Stay ‘n’ Play children.

Summer Program:
Our summer program runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-1.  Children must register for all three days for the whole summer.  Registration is first come/first serve and takes place in late February.

Supply List:
Class supply lists are mailed out prior to the first day of school.  Supply lists vary from class to class. Here is a list of common items each child needs to bring to school.

  1. A change of clothes, underwear and socks in a labeled freezer bag.
  2. If you have a child in diapers also bring:
  • supply of diapers
  • 2 packages of wipes

Sign In & Out logs:
Each class will have a clipboard with sign in & out logs.  It is your responsibility to sign your child in and out each day.  You must specify the time in/out and also initial the log.  These logs are required by our state licensing and help ensure the safety of your child. Once signed out, you are responsible for your child.

Preparing your child for school:
When you are talking about the Preschool with your child, talk about it as a happy place.  When bringing your child to preschool, make sure your child is secure in the knowledge that you have kissed him/her good-bye, that he/she is loved, and that someone will pick him/her up after preschool.  Be interested in your child’s work. Take time to listen to what he/she wants to tell you.  Your child’s artwork is an expression of him/herself.  You may have a full gallery already, but treat each new creation with respect.  Be creative yourself, even the best galleries have rotating showings!

Communication is important for a successful program.  Teachers are prepared to work with you—to be a partner with you—so that your child has the best possible preschool experience.  Your Director wants to know of your questions and concerns and will gladly meet with you to discuss them.

Arrival and Departure:
CUMP hours are 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. The arrival time is between 9:00-9:15 a.m. Teachers use the time before 9:00 a.m. for preparation, so please do not bring your child early.  The outer door of the preschool will be unlocked before 9 a.m. Please feel free to wait in the lobby until 9 a.m. if you arrive early.  You will not be permitted in the classrooms until 9 a.m. The hall clock is the standard.

It is important that children arrive on time to school.  Late arrivals are discouraged, as they are a disruption to the class schedule.

Pick-up from Preschool is between 12:45 p.m. and 1:00 p.m.There is a late charge for pick-up after 1:05 p.m. of $10.00 plus $1 per minute for every minute after 1:05. You will be billed by the office for the late charge.  (The late charge for children in Stay ‘n’ Play begins at 2:05.)  The clock in the hall will be the standard in such cases.  Please call the Preschool if you are unavoidably detained.  Our staff has many work related and personal obligations after school.  Your consideration and assistance in this matter is appreciated.

It is extremely important for you to keep the teacher informed of the arrival and departure arrangements of each child.

We strongly suggest that you do not leave any valuables or children in your car unsupervised.  Also, please make sure that you hold your child’s hand in the parking lot.

Children should wear comfortable, washable PLAY CLOTHES in which they can move easily and are free to play and explore.  Clothing should be simple enough for the child to manage alone.  Please keep in mind that any clothing worn to Preschool will be subjected to paint, glue, outside elements, etc.  Be sure your child’s shoes fit correctly.  Ill-fitting shoes may inhibit your child’s physical development.  Flip-flops and crocs can hinder a child’s ability to maneuver well on the playground and they frequently fall off.  Please do not send your child to school in flip-flops or crocs.  For safety reasons, please do not send your child in necklaces, bracelets, other jewelry or hooded shirts or jackets that have strings. In addition, we ask that each child have an extra change of labeled clothes kept at the school.  This should include shirt, pants, underwear and socks.  Your child’s change of clothes will need to be rotated out according to the season.

Security items:
We understand that children enjoy bringing their personal items to school. However, personal items can cause major disruptions in the classroom.  So, we encourage you to leave toys at home or in the car.   Some teachers may designate a “show and share” day.  Please follow your teacher’s guidelines for “show and share”. We are not responsible for lost or broken items brought to school.

Open Door Policy:
Parents are welcome to visit the school any time during operation hours to observe your child, the center’s operations and program activities without having approval.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:
We want to be partners with you.  If you have questions or concerns about your child, we want to help you to the best of our abilities.  Arrival and departure time is a good time for a quick review of the child’s physical and emotional state.  However, please be aware that teachers may not be able to discuss issues with you during the school day.  Because our primary goal is the safety and well being of the children, talking with parents during the day limits the teacher’s availability to supervise his/her class.  We are always more than happy to schedule a meeting before or after school to discuss problems at length.  Formal parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled twice during the preschool year.  Conferences are an important time to discuss your child’s development in depth with their teacher.  Check your calendar for the pre-arranged dates.  School will be closed on these days.

Calendars and Newsletters:
A calendar and newsletter will be sent home every month. They are valuable resources for information regarding the school.  Please consult your calendars daily before arriving to school.  Our monthly newsletter and parent handbook also are posted on our web-site, under “Parents”.

It is most important for children to see that their parents and teachers are friends and that their parents are interested in their Preschool experience.   If you have a special talent or hobby, we welcome your skills at CUMP.  If you would like to do a special art activity, tell a story, or have a special music time with the children, contact the director. Parents are a valuable resource for the Preschool staff and we appreciate your help.

There are times when a teacher is absent and we need to place a substitute teacher in the classroom.  Parents are the primary source of our substitute pool.  If we are unable to find a substitute for the class, we will be unable to hold class that day. If you are interested in becoming a substitute, please let us know.  Substitutes are required to have pre-service training, to complete employment paperwork, and to pass a criminal history background check.  Substitute pay is $40/morning.

Grievance procedures:
Parents are urged to discuss concerns and questions with their child’s teacher.  Any situation that cannot be resolved at the teacher level should be referred to the Director.  In some cases, there will be a joint conference with the teacher and the Director.  If the parent is dissatisfied after the meeting with the Director, she/he may ask to meet with the CUMP Preschool Board to review the concerns.

Parent Group:
The Parent Group’s mission is to provide support to the preschool staff and parents through parental participation and education. The group’s goals shall generally include support of classroom activities, director, staff, children, and parents. The CUMP parent group is open to all parents of enrolled students.  Participation is on a voluntary basis. No dues or fees are required for membership.

Mothers have a right to breastfeed their children and may provide breast milk for their child while in care.  Any mother who desires to breastfeed may use one of the adult classrooms to feed their baby

Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs and Gangs:
Smoking, alcohol, weapons and drugs are strictly prohibited in and around all areas of Crestview property during the school’s operational hours and at any school function such as parties and/or fundraisers.  CUMP is a gang-free zone.

Lunch and Snack:
Snack: You will provide snack for your child.

Helpful Guidelines for snack:

  • Snacks need to be finger foods or individual serving product such as Go-gurt, individual baggie of goldfish, etc. which are easy for children to eat.
  • We cannot heat or refrigerate food.
  • All snacks need to be healthy and of nutritional value.
  • Label snack with your child’s name.
  • Please pre-cut or peel any snack you send to school.

Snack Recommendations:
Fruits/Vegetables, Goldfish, Cheeses, Graham Crackers, Pirate Booty, Animal Crackers, Pretzels, Trail Mix, Cheese Nips, Go-gurt, etc.

Lunch:  You will provide lunch for your child.  We encourage parents to send healthy nutritional lunches.  Well-balanced meals provide the food children need to grow, think, fight infection and fuel their bodies.  CUMP discourages chips, candies, and cookies. Please do not send soda to school with your children.  Juice boxes are okay but please be aware that we always have a supply of drinking water available for the children. Each child is responsible for bringing a labeled and filled water bottle to school each day.  The bottle will go home at the end of the day for cleaning.

Please send snack and lunch in labeled containers that are easy for the children to open and close themselves

CUMP is not responsible for the nutritional value of children’s snack and lunch.

Pizza Day:
On Pizza Day, instead of bringing your child’s lunch, you will bring $2.50 to school. We will order pizza from a local pizzeria (pepperoni and cheese pizzas) and eat together as a school. The dates are posted on the monthly calendar.

Simple recognition is given to your child on his/her birthday.  You may bring a treat for the children in your child’s classroom.  Please check with your child’s teacher for ideas.  DO NOT BRING BALLOONS TO THE PRESCHOOL.  They are unsafe for children.

Birthday Idea: In honor of you child’s birthday, donate his/her favorite book to the school.  Books can be new or gently used.  This is a great way to help add to CUMP’s library and make your child feel special.  The book can be inscribed as follows: “This book is dedicated to CUMP (or 2, 3, 4 –yr-old class) in honor of Billy Smith’s 3rd birthday, August 17th 2004”.

The children will attend chapel weekly at 9:30 a.m.  The days will be posted on your monthly calendar.  Chapel lasts approximately 15 – 20 minutes and includes singing, a Bible story, and a prayer.

If you are interested in Crestview United Methodist Church’s Sunday school, Worship Services times or Ministry and Outreach programs, please visit

Periodically through the year we will provide special activities for your children. Such activities may include movement classes, storytellers, holiday parties, etc.  In addition, we have several Potluck dinners for the families throughout the year. These activities are designed to create an atmosphere of fun and family at Crestview. Your monthly calendar will inform you of these special events.

CUMP has a policy of not posting photographs of the faces of Preschool children on the internet. We encourage parents who take photos during special activities to be sensitive to the desires of families when it comes to internet postings.

Due to the short length of our daily program, videos are not a regular part of our curriculum.  However, from time to time we may supplement our curriculum with a video or watch a video on special holiday, occasion or bad weather day.  Videos are no longer than 30 minutes and only G-rated videos or non-rated educational videos are shown.

Water Play:
During hot Texas months, we provide water days for the children.  Water day involves sprinklers, water tables and other various water toys.  You will be notified of these days on the monthly calendar.  On these days, we ask that children wear appropriate clothing and shoes.  Children must wear shoes on the playground. Water shoes or sandals are good choices on these days.  It is also important to send a labeled towel on water day.  Water day lasts the last hour of the day.  Please be aware that children will be wet when you pick them up.

Pets are an important way for children to learn about responsibility, love and empathy. Each classroom may at some time have a class pet.  Children will have an opportunity to pet, feed and care for their class pets.

One of the main objectives of CUMP is to help children develop self-discipline.  Our guidance technique offers children clear expectations and options to create a positive environment.  To encourage this, we practice discipline which:

  1. shows each child understanding;
  2. sets reasonable limits and is age appropriate;
  3. is individualized, consistent, loving and firm;
  4. helps the child to learn appropriate ways of needs and desires.

We will only use positive methods of discipline that encourage self-esteem, and self-direction.  Harsh, cruel and unusual treatment of any child is strictly prohibited!

We expect parents to comply with our discipline and guidance policies while on school property.  We also encourage you to learn and use positive guidance techniques at home with your children.

If a child’s behavior becomes a chronic problem and is unresponsive to the teacher’s attempts to alter the behavior, the Preschool may follow any of these steps appropriate to the situation:

  1. hold a conference with the parents, teacher and director to discuss the
    situation and to develop methods of correcting the behavior problem;
  2. ask the parent to have the child examined by a pediatrician;
  3. ask the parent to have the child evaluated by a child guidance

The Preschool reserves the right to request the immediate withdrawal of a child.

The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services and the City of Austin Health Department have set forth health policies that regulate childcare programs.  CUMP is required by law to follow these mandates.  We will make no exceptions.

We will not admit an ill child for care if one or more of the following exists:

  1. The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in child care center activities including outdoor play;
  2. The illness results in a greater need for care than caregivers can provide without compromising the health, safety, and supervision of the other children in care;
  3. The child has one of the following, unless medical evaluation by a healthcare professional  indicates that you can include the child in the child-care center’s activities:
  • Oral temperature of 100.4 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  • Rectal temperature of 101.4 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  • Armpit temperature of 99.4 degrees or greater, accompanied by behavior changes or other signs or symptoms of illness;
  • Symptoms and signs of possible illness such as lethargy, abnormal breathing, diarrhea or vomiting  in the last 24 hours, rash with fever, mouth sores with drooling, sore or discharging eyes, evidence of a fresh cold, behavior change or other signs that the child may be severely ill; or
  • A health-care professional has diagnosed the child with a communicable disease and the child does not have medical documentation to indicate that the child is no longer contagious.

Children in group care are at a greater risk for illness.  Research recommends thorough hand-washing for staff and children and exclusion of ill children as the best ways to reduce the risk of illness. Parents can help by picking up an ill child promptly.

Children who have lice may return to school after treatment and after the nits are removed.

No student will be allowed to attend class without proper medical forms on file. Please keep us updated as immunizations occur.

Should a child have any contagious disease, please notify the Preschool so that other parents can be alerted to the fact that their child may have been exposed. A courtesy call to the Preschool office when a child will be absent is appreciated. Children who develop symptoms of illness during the course of the day will be sent home.  If there is a medical emergency and the child’s parents cannot be located, the child’s physician will be called.

The Preschool personnel will not administer medicine.

Hearing and Vision Screenings:
It is required by the State of Texas for all four-year-olds to have a hearing and vision screening.  Please have the screening performed by your physician at your child’s 4-yr-old well check.  We must have a copy of the results on file.

In order for a child to enroll in our program they must have proof of the completed vaccinations as defined by the Texas Department of State Health Services or a physicians exemption for immunizations or a signed affidavit stating that immunizations conflict with the practices of a recognized religious organization.

If a child is sick or injured: In most cases, the child will be in the office with the director following notification by the staff.  A parent will be notified and asked to pick up the child. If a child is seriously injured or ill: EMS will be called immediately.  You will also receive a call as soon as possible.  The director will accompany the child to the hospital.

In the event of a fire:
Each class will exit according to the Fire Marshall’s approved evacuation plan that is posted.

In the event of a tornado or severe storm warnings:
All classes will relocate to interior restrooms in a sitting position with their arms covering their heads.

In the event of an explosion, toxic fumes, etc. that would necessitate the removal of the children from the area:
The classes would exit to the parking lot and be escorted by staff to Crestview Baptist Church, 7600 Woodrow Avenue, 454-6641.  If required by public safety officials, children will be transported to the alternate sites by staff vehicle.  Parents will be notified to pick up their child immediately. Alternate sites are Tarrytown UMC, 2531 Exposition, 472-3111, Memorial
UMC, 6100 Berkman, 467-9740 and Covenant UMC, 4410 Duval Rd., 346- 3124.

The children and teachers practice fire drills every month and tornado drills
four times a year.


Inclement Weather:
Crestview UM Preschool will follow A.I.S.D.’s pattern for opening and closing school during severe weather.  In the event that A.I.S.D. has a delayed opening, we will close for the day.  Watch for notices at school and through the media. CUMP may deny admission on any given day at the discretion of the director for reasons including, but not limited to, failure to pay, unsafe building conditions, safety of children and staffing shortage.

School Security Procedures:
Doors to the outside remain locked during school hours.  A security key pad is on the preschool door.  Once you register, you will be given the school’s code in order to unlock the door at drop-off and pick-up.   Please be aware of any person entering the building with you that does not seem to be part of the school or church program, and escort those persons straight to the Director or notify the Director.

Children can only be released to people specified on the registration list. We will require a photo I.D. for persons we do not know.   It is important for you to let the Director know, in writing, if you have a person picking up who is not specified on your registration form.   If there is a court order affecting the life of your child which restricts access to your child, you must provide a certified copy of the order. We will copy the order and keep it on file.

Minimum Standards:
We are licensed with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.  You have a right to review minimum standards at anytime.  Minimum Standards are located in the Director’s office or can be reviewed on the Internet at  In addition, you have a right to review our most recent licensing report, which is posted in our Parent’s Corner and can be seen on the DFPS website.  Questions and concerns can be directed to our local licensing office: 834-3195.

Reporting Abuse and Neglect:
Texas law requires caregivers to report suspected child abuse and neglect to the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services or law enforcement. Failure to report suspected abuse or neglect is a crime.  The child abuse hotline is 1-800-252-5400.

Review of Operational Policies:
Our policies and handbook are updated as needed.  If our operational policies change, you will be given a new handbook and will be asked to sign a new agreement form.  You have a right to discuss, address and ask questions about CUMP’s policies with the Director.